Home Staging & Preparing to Move

When you are preparing to sell and list your property for sale, this is the time to truly accept that you are moving forward and allow yourself to picture your home through the potential buyer’s eyes.

The difference between a staged home and an un-staged home can translate into thousands of dollars in the sale price. It is a statistical fact that properly staged homes not only result in more positive showing feedback, but often sell for more money and faster!

A home filled with the owner’s personal belongings and daily living clutter makes rooms appear smaller, and overwhelming decorations may prevent a potential buyer from clearly envisioning their own style in each room. You are moving, so prioritize what you’re keeping or selling or giving away, and get your rooms opened up to enhance the flow of space. You want your potential buyers to be able to imagine living there, and to know that you’re serious about selling!

Home staging does not need to be costly and emotionally horrific! At the very least, my FREE HOME STAGING CONSULTATION, included when you list with me, will provide you a checklist to help prioritize where to start with your packing and moving process. When you are ready, I will visit to walk through and guide you through a very simple staging process so together we can best prepare your home and get it SOLD!

Home staging and preparing to move in Paonia CO