Listing with Kristin Swanson Realty Services

All listing brokers are not created equally. Selling a home is one of the single largest transactions anyone will ever experience—other than when you bought it!—yet people oftentimes don’t vet their real estate representative like they would any other licensed practitioner. Do you choose your most vital service providers because they’re your friend, or because you trust they are the best professional to successfully fulfill your needs?

Most real estate brokers can get an offer and have that offer executed. It takes an experienced and attentive agent to get that offer negotiation under contract, and to get the transaction to the closing table. Being available and committed to take responsibility for each and every deadline timeframe throughout the process is where you will learn the true value in taking care to choose your Listing Agent.

You can trust me to listen and support your needs. I’ll make sure you feel comfortable, confident, and educated every step of the way, including clarifying the paperwork and online documentation process.

Having a Listing REALTOR® to represent and guide you allows you to focus on your life and making the big decisions, rather than the critical details that a licensed broker is required and experienced to handle. That’s why you have me on your team. I take my job and each individual client very seriously, so that you can trust the details will be taken care of by your Listing REALTOR® every step of the way.

Successfully selling your home takes a team. The value of bridging relationships between all parties is paramount! My intention as your Listing REALTOR® is to ensure you get the best experience possible, ensuring clear communication with all parties involved (and there are many, many players along the way!) to make sure your transaction goes smoothly from start to closing.

Call me today to share what you have in mind. There is no obligation. Should you choose me to be your Listing REALTOR®, I will be honored to represent you to sell your property, and always do my best on your behalf—from Day #1 through to when I sit with you at the closing table!

Listing with Kristin Swanson in Paonia CO